Design Process

Message and medium, function and form...


Dadra brings these all together, connecting you with your audience through singular designs and creating a look unique to your business or organization.


We offer affordable web and graphic design services, working with you and your budget to deliver the results you need.


Contact us for a free initial consultation and a quote for your project (suggestions for barter are welcome).


Web Design

We strive to build not just websites, but environments -- online spaces visitors can enjoy while easily finding the information they seek. With this in mind, Dadra focuses on simplicity, avoiding an abundance of bells and whistles in favor of a smooth user experience and clarity of content.


So how does this all work? How do your ideas get turned into an actual website?


The first step is a consultation and brainstorming session, either in person or on the phone. We talk about your business, your hopes and needs for your website, and explore ideas for the overall look and feel.


With this information Dadra creates an initial draft (or several) for your review. Once approved, the design is turned into an interactive website containing the specific content that you provide (text, images, audio, video, etc).


If you don't yet have your content or are unsure how to gather it, we'll figure out exactly what is needed and make a plan to bring it all together. Dadra can also develop the content itself, writing the text and creating images for your site.


Ultimately you'll have a custom site tailored to your specific needs and vision -- a place where people learn more about what you have to offer and enjoy the experience in the process.


Graphic Design

In a visually stimulating world it can be hard to stand out. Dadra can help.


From business cards and logo design to brochures and posters and projects of a larger scope, we'll work with you to focus your ideas and give your message the visual boost needed to attract the attention you want.


From your mind to the page... we'll make it possible.

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