About Dadra

Started in 2008 by Gabe Halberg, Dadra is a Vermont web design company focusing on the needs of small businesses, non-profits, musicians, and artists.


Gabe first delved into the world of design while creating press materials for his band 35th Parallel. Encouraged by positive reactions, he spent time teaching himself various aspects of web and print development, and began offering his skills to small businesses and individuals.


Gabe brings a personal and creative perspective to every project, focusing on the unique needs and aesthetic of every client and their business. Through direct and clear communication he demystifies the medium and uses language accessible to the layperson.


Check out Gabe's portfolio to see just some of the dozens of custom web sites he has built over the years.

Dadra Design
Gabe Halberg
180 Bartlett Road
Plainfield VT

custom web & graphic design